Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unknown portraits

Last summer or so, my grandmother asked me to paint a portrait of her from a photo, for reasons I'm not sure of. She asked me this time to paint a portrait of her late husband (my grandfather), which is a little more understandable. It's taken me all day to get used to his face, and it's been quite an introspective experience. You can't see the portrait I'm working off of, but it's 1" x 1", black and white, and a bit old.

I've never met him; he died when my mom was 12 26. My grandma keeps asking me when the portrait will be done. I've never thought about him much, but I think it's high time I do.

Technically speaking, this portrait is a lot easier than the one of my grandmother a year ago. Hopes that I'm improving!

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